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Welcome to my website.

Hello. I am Souped Man.

I want to sex your mother.

That's really all there is to say on the matter.

---- 9/16/22 ----

-- minor updates HOMIES --

i updated a few minor things

i made a few new buttons for the bottom

you can click on the komi abridged pages to go to the next page now

that's pretty cool i guess

uhhhh yeah that's it

---- 7/9/22 ----


Something something komi abrdiged dub something something bluh

Umm umm umm the soundtrack is out!!!!!!! soundtrack link

I also redid the index theme because the old one sucked ASS.

that's really it lmao

---- 03/27/22 ----

-- It's been a while... --

Where to begin, where to begin?!

Ok, first, I added a blog. More in-depth details are there. What does that mean? It's simple. I want to keep these news sections short and sweet. I want to keep the blog long and boring. SImple, right?

Second, I gave all the modern pages titles and a sick ass favicon.


Fourth, I added a portal. All the BIG SHITS are there. Lmao.

Finally fifth, the BIGGEST update.

Anyway, that was all. Thank you for reading.

---- 01/15/22 ----


You've probably noticed, but I have entirely revamped the index page.

It's now so utterly sexy that I personally cum my pants every time it pierces my visiage.

If you're new, hello.

Sex sex sex.

Thus has been the update.

---- 01/11/22 ----

-- NZ2k9 --

Guess what's here now? Probably this nonsense.

You can find the info right here.

---- 11/26/21 ----

-- Komi Abridged --

Komi Abridged is this awful ongoing comic(?) where I edit pages from Komi-san Can't Communicate. Of course, the jokes are all utterly juvenile and awful, but whatever.

You can find it here.

---- 10/11/21 ----

-- Site News --

Changed index to current page.

-- "Blu Hood's Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Shootout" --

It exists??? Blu Hood's Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Shootout is, rather obviously, a game about Blu Hood and cowboys. That's really the most I can say about it.

Maybe there will be some funny easter eggs too haha

Note: Most GIFS have been sourced from GifCities, and some buttons have been sourced from exo.pet. (I MADE SOME OF THEM FEEL FREE TO USE THE SAD BALLIN OR THE SOUPEDMAN.NEOCITIES.ORG BUTTON!!!!!) The music, art, and coding were all done by me, so don't come after me for using it, suckers!