hi. i'm souped "soup edman" man and this is my website.[1] thank you for stopping by and perusing my artifacts.

i'm a hobbyist codesmith[2] so i made this website mostly for me to tool around with html[3] and share the little projects i do sometimes on my computer book.[4]

"the way into a man's heart is through his bookshelf" is what my dad always used to say.[5]

i'm pretty into homestuck and mspfas and the like so if you like that shit you'll probably tolerate my website at best. i'm also fairly into rpg maker games[6] and i've made a couple myself.[7]

oh also i am married to my lovely lovely wife. so BACK OFF LADIES!!!![8]


fun fact: if you hover over the citations you get special messages![9] if you're on mobile i guess you just die or something idk

"what i'm workin' on." two little guys arguing, purple one says "GO WORK ONNIT!" blue one says "I AM!"

i'm always working on something. here are the current things i'm working on. this will likely be outdated[10] because i never update this website.

note: some of these banners are clickable!

"old shit... the snarkhive" snarkhive is green and has stink lines coming off of it. nasty.

if you read the citations above you know i'm not incredibly proud of any of this stuff. it's all shit. maybe some of it will make you laugh.[11] i think i've changed mildly[12] as a person since i made the majority of this shit so don't hold me to any of the stupid shit i say in any of these horribly html'd messes.

if you wish to delve into THE REST of my old shit....... it's all.......... here.....[13]

social media....?

other than the music and a few of the buttons i made everything on this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can use my button if you want though