Komi Abridged is basically this awful comic I made in a few days which is humorous to a very short extent and is pretty much just horrible in all aspects. After the critical success of the first four chapters, (One person liked it.) Chapter 5 was produced. (With the help of said one person.) The rest is history.

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy that isn't so distant...

This fucking MANIAC named Mug4_ thought it was a GOOD IDEA to dub KOMI ABRIDGED.




Tadano, Abridge, Various Voices, Annoying fucking slide whistle: Souped Man (No links! Agh!)

Editing, Narrator, Various Voices: Mug4_

Komi-san, Sonic Fan, Various Voices: Horolio

Chapter 5 Bonus Songs


Chapter 10

Original Art: Tomohito Oda

Original Text and Edited Art: Souped Man

Text Editor for Chapters 5 and 6: Endlassy

Thanks much.

--- Thank you for reading Komi Abridged. ---